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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Things that make you go ???

This Saturday I am finally getting around to having my hair cut. Once upon a time I had hair past my waist, now it clears my collar, or at least it does when I haven’t left it too long since my last haircut. Having short hair is convenient in most ways, except that when you need a haircut it is really obvious. So I experienced real trauma when I rang up to make an appointment, only to be told that my usual hairdresser no longer works weekends. How selfish is that! I need stability in my life. I need someone who doesn’t feel compelled to put twelve different products in my hair and pressure me to buy them all. I need someone who provides decent coffee and biscuits. Conversely, the trust you build with your hairdresser means there is always that guilt when you try going somewhere different – I’m sorry, I felt vulnerable, I had split ends, she didn’t mean anything, honestly! So now my relationship with my hairdresser is over, I think I feel ready to move on, meet someone new, someone who will understand the needs of my hair. Hopefully this will be one type of relationship I actually manage successfully.

Because I felt the need to be educated this morning, I decided to check out the New Scientist website, something I haven’t done for a while. There is a great section where you can write in niggling little scientific questions like Why is snot green? and Could a blind chameleon still change colour?

Did you know that the reason you rub your eyes when you are sleepy is that it stimulates the vagus nerve, which slows your heartbeat. Apparently this technique is also used in martial arts, massage, hypnotism, and disabling violent prisoners or patients. Interesting theory as a martial arts technique, but I think if I ever get into a fight I would just poke them in the eye instead.

And the What The? for the day is the news that a documentary has named David Beckham as Britain's most famous black man. Apparently Britain doesn’t have any black superstars, in a Michael Jordan kind of a way, they have Beckham instead.

Obvious, really, when you think about it.


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