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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Well, the good news for this morning is that I am not going blind

I had to go to the ophthalmic surgeon this morning to get my eyes checked out. I was experiencing some strange heat-haze vision the other day, plus I've had a few headaches. Apparently it was an ocular migraine. I did not realise that migraines come in all shapes and sizes, and don't necessary include the feeling that your head is splitting open. So that's OK.

Of course the doctor had to put drops in my eyes to make my pupils dilate, so right now I look like I've been hitting the belladonna in a big way, and the light from my computer screen is making me squint. On the plus side, dilated pupils are supposed to make you sexier, which is why people used to use belladonna in the first place.

The experience has left me pondering again the unreliability of our senses. I've been seeing things that aren't there - wavy lines, moving specks of light, that sort of thing. I've heard things that aren't there - a ringing in the ears, the belief that someone just said my name. Touch? What about that creepy feeling upon seeing spiders or ants, as if they are crawling on your skin. A sudden, inexplicable shiver. A feeling of physical pain caused by emotional distress. And all of this falls into normal, everyday experience, without getting into the territory of true hallucinations and delusions. So what do you rely on if you can't rely on your own senses? What is The Matrix?