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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Experimental Cookery - Episode 1

I suspect I am not alone in having several cookbooks that look good on my shelf, but which I have never used for anything more than browsing through and thinking, ‘that looks nice’.

In the spirit of personal improvement I have invoked on this website in the past, I have resolved that every time I do a big grocery shop, I will pick a new recipe, buy all the ingredients, and prepare the meal in the following week.

With the able assistance of my dinner guest / guinea pig / assistant chef / dishwasher Pete, I set out to prepare Experiment Number 1 – pork medallions on a minted pea puree.

The verdict - not too bad for a first try. I think my major failing as a chef is getting everything going simultaneously so that it is all ready at the right time – so half the meal isn’t either over or under cooked while the other half is cooling on the table. Or making sure we don’t nibble so much cheese while cooking that we’re half full before dinner is ready.

But definitely a resolution worth sticking to – we shall see how long my enthusiasm lasts. In the meantime I’ll be picking up some new skills, trying new things, and avoiding takeaway food, so that’s all good.

And if anyone needs any minted pea puree, there’s still quite a bit left over. :-)


  • At 4:29 am, Anonymous CreditProf said…

    It's always nice to know I'm not alone in this world :) Firstly I have huge enthusiasm always, but after begining I lose interest and commuted on other things... I wish you to be more persistent and zealous than me!!


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