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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Embarrassingly Girly Moment No. 1382

The game was fast, furious and fun. The players gave their all. The scores were fairly even. And I … twisted my ankle and spent much of the game on the sideline with a plastic bag full of ice.

I realise that twisting an ankle is not a gender specific experience, especially on a sports field liberally sprinkled with rocks. (I stepped on one, felt my ankle go sideways, and fell down - The End.) But there just still seems something stereotypically girly about it. Fortunately I only pulled this move in a game of ultimate frisbee, as opposed to, say, bushwalking in a remote and inaccessible area, or fleeing certain death at the hands of an unstoppable killing machine from a post-apocalyptic future.

So that’s probably OK then.

On the plus side, the team put in a very solid effort, including some excellent work by the very new newbies. And the post-game beer and pizza went down a treat :-).


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