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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Crikey! Getta loada paradise!

While I realise that religious institutions often feel pressure to respond to the changing needs of the community in order to remain relevant, I somehow doubt that the Boofhead Bible is going lead to the revitalization of Christianity in Australia. Ken Richards’ Aussie Bible includes bushrangers, reference to the three eggheads, and Jesus calling people ‘boofheads’. The Bible Society of NSW has backed the project, apparently in an attempt to attract new readers. As far as I can tell that means they are selling to those people who believe all Australians speak like Steve Irwin, so it will probably sell very well in the USA. On the other hand I don’t think there is any great shortage of people reading the bible over there.

Naturally, the quest to make knowledge more accessible and popular with the masses is not new. I was personally very impressed the day I stumbled upon Britney’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics, in which the pop princess sexily dispenses such wisdom as In compound semiconductors, the difference in electro-negativity leads to a combination of covalent and ionic bounding. Doesn’t turn you on? How about The expression of the effective mass is found from the dynamics of a wave-packet, which represents a localised particle. Hell, I’d rather listen to Britney say that than Hit me baby, one more time.

And on a personal level, the exciting news is that I have been asked in for a job interview. Looks like the time I spent slaving over the selection criteria paid off. I really hate writing job applications, although I have been told I do them well. I also got some help and advice from a few people, so if I do get the job there will be a few people to buy beers for. I’ve got a bit of work to do before the interview, like reading annual reports and other exciting documentation and picking up on organisational buzz words. I also have some shopping to do – acquire some stockings without holes in, maybe a handbag that costs more than $25. Or at least one that looks as though it cost more than $25. I also have to tell the boss I have an interview, ask for an afternoon off so I can go to the interview, and ask for a reference from my supervisor. There is always such a lot of crap to do before going to an interview, that I always feel cheated if I don’t get the job.