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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Counting down the days

It has been a busy few weeks. In between work (which now that people are back from holiday has actually picked up), general socialising, and facing a few personal challenges (including rock climbing and karaoke), there’s been a lot happening. I also continue to play house with my apartment, so I had some photos enlarged and finally got around to putting them up the other day.

Next week I’m actually on holiday (yay!), which will be fantastic. After all the frantic pace of the last couple of months my aim for the week is to spend it on the beach or in a pool with a book and a cold drink. I'll be away on my birthday so I'm planning for a bit of extra indulgence on that day, maybe a massage or a facial. Of course, I’m going a long way to fulfil this deceptively simple ambition (Broome, with a few nights in Perth), but I figure if you are going to spend all your time on a beach, it may as well be the beautiful Cable Beach. Actually it started out a simple plan but just kept getting more complicated. I’ve never been to WA so I am really looking forward to it. Unfortunately my flight home has been screwed by timetable changes, so getting home will be an all day epic. Just hoping I can hang on to some of that sense of tranquillity. Someone suggested books on tape, but I’m just hoping the alcohol on the plane is free.


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