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Monday, August 08, 2005

Not so exciting to do list

I've been working on another 'to do' list lately, not quite so exciting as the one which had things like 'learn to tango' and 'visit New Orleans'.

This one has things like 'buy new stockings' and 'get spare keys cut' and 'check shoes are OK.'

But although the tasks themselves are incredibly mundane, the reasons behind them are extremely exciting, since in less than two weeks I will be leaving the country! For five weeks, five glorious, work-free weeks!

A brief stop in Bangkok, a long weekend in England with time to visit Doug, a couple of weeks in Ireland with the family for my brother's wedding (much happiness), then another couple of weeks in Thailand on my way home. I'm thinking family time, shopping and temples in Bangkok, up north for an eco-friendly hill-tribe trek, then some quality island time - eating, getting massaged, snorkeling, alcoholic drinks containing pineapple and coconut, repeat as necessary.

So anyway, lots of petty little tasks to take care of between now and then, but soon I will pack up and fly away.


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