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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not that I'm an alcoholic or anything

But there are certain situations in which the most appropriate response is the consumption of alcohol.

For example, when my brother got engaged. When my mother rang to give me the news, I was at the time conveniently sitting in a restaurant at a winery, having lunch with friends. So naturally the first thing I did was call my brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law. The second thing I did was order a bottle of champagne. (Ok, ok, sparkling Australian wine, but you get the idea.)

Or a couple of weekends ago, when the weather was unexpectedly warm and sunny. There really was nothing to be done except play some chilled out music, and sit on the balcony in a patch of sun with a gin and tonic.

Then there was yesterday afternoon, when, by way of contrast, it snowed. It is so rare for it to snow in this city, and even rarer for the snow to stick. Yesterday's snow melted instantly everywhere except on the larger hills, but it did fall as proper snow - big, fat, fluffy looking flakes, like the exploded feather pillow of the gods. Naturally the first response of everybody in the office was to rush over to the window to say 'oooh' and 'aaah', and after a while, 'oooh' again. Except for the one hardened cynic who glanced out the window and said, 'Wow, snow. That's the most exciting thing to happen in this office since the hot air balloons the other day,' and went and sat at his desk again.

So anyway, this is all an overlong lead-up to the fact that, having driven home while it was still snowing, I really did have to sit down and have a glass of port. Particularly since I'm all out of whiskey.

Actually, speaking of alcohol, we must have known it was going to snow yesterday. We had another of our section morning teas, which are renowned in my office, mainly due to the baking skills of one of the ladies here. (She makes the largest, yummiest profiteroles you have ever seen.) So yesterday as usual we had enough food to supply a moderately sized army. But I think we really outdid ourselves when someone brought in a small, portable gas burner, and started making gluhwein. In the office. At 9.30 in the morning. (Well, she really did have to start that early, so it would be ready for morning tea time.) And we wonder why we have a reputation for decadence.

Actually no, that's a lie, we know why.


  • At 1:29 pm, Blogger Peter said…

    Hiya, nice to hear about the snow back in Canberra. It's been snowing here in NZ as well—I think it is the same weather pattern as you had over there.

  • At 10:52 am, Blogger Doug said…

    Thank goodness, I thought it was only graduate students trapped in crap-tacular English weather who drank at the slightest provocation. ;)

  • At 2:53 pm, Anonymous Peter said…

    Doug: Based on my experience of the UK, just about everyone here drinks at the slightest provocation. Out here on the West End, it sometimes feels like there's an average of one pub for every six or so people!

  • At 11:07 am, Anonymous Barton Mccarroll said…

    Not assured.


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