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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Whiskers on kittens

Guns, drugs, cash and an ornamental cat collection were stolen in the house robbery at Campania, north of Hobart, on Saturday, Hobart Magistrates' Court heard.
This sentence wins my award for most amusing news report of the day.

For those out of the loop, after stealing the above diverse items, a couple holed up in a suburban home and kept police at bay for three days, during time which they fired shots and threatened to detonate a bomb.

I just love the mental picture this brings to mind: Look, you can take the semi-automatics, they’re yours. The smack? Fine, fine, I’ve been trying to quit anyway. Have a suitcase full of money while you’re at it. But for the love of god! Just leave the Franklin Mint collection! Do you realise how much time I had to spend on eBay to get that collection? Have you no soul?


  • At 11:28 am, Blogger Jasmine said…

    Oh no! Not the kitties!

    On other stuff, have you thought about turning on the RSS feed for your blog so I can sync it through my RSS feeder (Egress) on my hx4705? :)

  • At 2:49 pm, Anonymous Marissa said…

    Do I want to what with my what now?

  • At 3:48 pm, Blogger Jasmine said…

    Oops. I just checked again and you actually do have RSS publishing for your blog. I was having trouble grabbing the XML before, but it must just have been a problem with my net connection at the time.

    I've convinced Lyn, Beth and Doug to publish RSS feeds too. This means I can easily sync recent entries from your blog to my iPAQ and then read them on the train!

  • At 5:10 pm, Blogger LOK said…


  • At 7:25 am, Blogger Lesley said…

    I had almost quit this Web ring - when I found this blog. Since I have BOTH the Franklin Mint collections (and about 300 other cats) I care. :-)

    I am trying to find out about RSS - I have paid someone on the internet either for it, or for an e-book on how to use it. I don't know which, yet.

    I also have a suspicion that I have somehow adopted you all through Web Ring - but don't quote me yet - I am still tryng to find out about that as well. This is what comes of spending too much time on the internet and not being sure of what you are doing. :-)

    I have a blog - Lettersfromlesley - if you would like to know a little more about me. Meantime, I'll keep exploring.


  • At 6:45 pm, Blogger jon said…

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