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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Office Space

Starting full time work is one of those great milestones in life which always involves a great deal of fear and doubt. I was 22 when I first started working in an office, four years ago. There was so much I felt I didn't know, from basic office procedure to the higher functions of my job. Aside from the interns (who were all at least 2 years older than me) I was the youngest person in the office by 15 years. Several of my co-workers had children substantially older than I was.

I quickly learned, however, that there are two things I possess which gave me a huge advantage over many people already well established in the workforce. The first is a degree of common sense. The second is the ability to remain, at least outwardly, very calm. These two things will get you a long way, and their absence is both noticeable and highly irritating in others. It would seem that common sense it not actually all that common.

Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to be witness to an argument between two work colleagues which turned into a full-blown girly hissy fit. Hair pulling was narrowly avoided. The interaction between these two intelligent, senior women, both in their early forties, essentially boiled down to You are such a bitch. Well, you started it. I'm going home. It actually degenerated to the point where one of them stood up with tears in her eyes and announced she was leaving. Fortunately around that point some sort of gross stupidity alarm must have gone off, and they both backed down. But I'll never be able to look at either of them the same way again.

The entire incident has probably made even more attractive a startling piece of information I was given last night. It seems that someone wants me to apply for a job within the organisation they head. Quite a senior position, and for considerably more money than I receive now. The really strange part about this is that their desire to employ me is based almost entirely on a dinner party conversation four years ago. Whatever it was that our table started talking about, I apparently argued my point in a manner that was intelligent, articulate and convincing. I have absolutely no idea what the hell the conversation might have been about.

Whether or not any of this ever comes to anything, it is of course highly flattering that someone remembers me from so long ago and would like to give me lots of money. It has also given me the key to success in future job interviews that may come my way.

Obviously, I just need to drink more.

Monday, May 05, 2003

These things I have learned

Back in Canberra again after my little work jaunt. Actually I got back on Friday but have been far too busy to go near my blog. I’m covering someone else’s job while he is away for two months, so I have had two jobs worth of crap piling up while I was away. When this guy gets back from holiday I am going to torture him slowly.

I have also been busy celebrating my housemate’s graduation, catching up with friends and family, and going to see