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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The good and the bad

Good things that have happened in the past two weeks:
- I caught up with several friends I haven’t seen for a while, including Doug
- I saw the new Harry Potter movie, which was great fun, though I still like the third one best
- Pete and I did fun stuff like going for a drive in the open car and stopping for iced coffee, and sitting outside in the evening drinking vodka, lime and soda (not, I hasten to add, in conjunction with the driving)
- Our frisbee team won the final game of the season by 9 points
- I starting acting in a job at a higher level
- I got some Christmas shopping done.

Bad things that have happened in the past two weeks:
- Someone tried to break into my car when it was parked under my apartment building during the day and now the lock is broken and I have to get into the car via the passenger side door and then climb over the gear stick and it’s really annoying not to mention embarrassing especially when everyone outside the shops is staring at me trying to climb through the car when wearing a skirt...

OK, I feel much better now, I'm done whinging. Put into perspective, I’m certainly not hard done by. In fact, I lead a very fortunate life. I should pause to remember that more often.